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2008-09 Accountability Progress Reporting (APR)

Local Educational Agency (LEA) Overview
2009 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Report

California Department of Education
Academic Accountability and Awards Division

California Department of Education

    2009 AYP and PI Links:
LEA:  Santa Cruz City Elementary
(An LEA is a school district or county office of education.)
LEA Type:  Elementary
County:  Santa Cruz
CD Code:  44-69815

Made AYP: No      
Met 13 of 25 AYP Criteria        
Met AYP Criteria:   English-Language Arts   Mathematics
Participation Rate   No   No
Percent Proficient   No   No
Academic Performance Index (API)
- Additional Indicator for AYP
Graduation Rate     N/A  

  Met 2009 AYP Criteria
Participation Rate   Percent Proficient
GROUPS English-Language Arts Mathematics   English-Language Arts Mathematics
LEA-wide Yes Yes   Yes Yes
  African American or Black (not of Hispanic origin) -- --   -- --
  American Indian or Alaska Native -- --   -- --
  Asian -- --   -- --
  Filipino -- --   -- --
  Hispanic or Latino Yes
Yes   No No
  Pacific Islander -- --   -- --
  White (not of Hispanic origin) No No   Yes Yes
  Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Yes Yes   No No
  English Learners Yes Yes   No No
  Students with Disabilities No No   No No