2015 Accountability Progress Reporting (APR)

2015 AYP School Report

La Jolla High
San Diego Unified
San Diego
School Type: High School

Charter School: No

Date: 6/30/2016

AYP Determination:

Made AYP: No
Met: 8  of  9  AYP Criteria
PI Status: Not Title I
Participation Rate: Targets and Met Criteria

For details on how the participation rate was calculated, please see the 2015 AYP Participation Rate Web page.

Content AreaTargetMet
English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA)95%Yes
Participation Rate: Schoolwide and Student Groups

Student GroupsELA EnrollmentELA Number of Students TestedELA RateELA Met 2015 CriteriaELA Alternative MethodMath EnrollmentMath Number of Students TestedMath RateMath Met 2015 CriteriaMath Alternative Method
Black or African American66100----66100----
American Indian or Alaska Native00------00------
Hispanic or Latino11110595Yes--11110695Yes--
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander11100----11100----
Two or More Races1717100----1717100----
Socioeconomically Disadvantaged918796Yes--918695Yes--
English Learners222196----222091----
Students with Disabilities272178----272282----
Attendance Rate Target: 90 Percent

Average Daily AttendanceSchool Attendance EnrollmentMet Criteria

Attendance Rate Criteria: Schools that met the following criteria were required to meet the attendance rate indicator:

  1. The school's entire enrollment was 100 or more on Fall Census Day in October 2014, and the Enrollment in Transitional Kindergarten through grade eight (TK-8) was 30 or more.

  2. The school's entire enrollment was between 30 to 99 on Fall Census Day in October 2014, and the enrollment in TK-8 was 30 or more, or the percent of TK-8 enrollment made up 50% or more of the school's enrollment.
LEAs that met the following criteria were required to meet the attendance rate indicator:
  1. The LEAs entire TK-8 enrollment was 30 or more on Fall Census Day in October 2014.
LEAs and direct-funded charter schools were given two options for submitting their attendance data to the California Department of Education:
  1. Total number of days students attended and were enrolled.


  2. Average Daily Attendance (ADA)

The data are as of the second period (P-2), which is from July 1 through the last school month that ends before April 15, 2015. LEAs and direct-funded charter schools submitted data for one option only. The attendance rate will be displayed in the column that reflects the option chosen by the LEA or direct-funded charter school.

"--" means the school submitted attendance data under the other option (i.e., ADA or School Attendance Enrollment).

“DNS” (Did Not Submit) in the ADA and School Attendance Enrollment columns mean an attendance rate could not be calculated because the LEA or direct-funded charter school did not submit data under either option.

 "N/A" means not applicable.

Graduation Rate Goal: 90 Percent
Met Schoolwide GraduationMet Student Group Graduation RatesMet Overall Graduation Rate Criteria
Current Year: Graduation Rate Results
Groups2014 Cohort Graduation
Rate (class of 2012-13)
2015 Cohort Graduation
Rate (class of 2013-14)
2015 Target
Graduation Rate
Graduation Rate
Criteria Met
2016 Target
Graduation Rate
Class of
Alternative Method
Black or African American----N/AN/AN/AU50
American Indian or Alaska Native----N/AN/AN/AU50
Hispanic or Latino93.4894.5790.00Yes90.00--
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander----N/AN/AN/AU50
Two or More Races----N/AN/AN/AU50
Socioeconomically Disadvantaged94.1794.1290.00Yes90.00--
English Learners----N/AN/AN/AU50
Students with Disabilities----N/AN/AN/AU50
Graduation Rate Criteria: (1) met or exceeded the goal of 90%, or (2) met the fixed target graduation rate, or (3) met the variable target graduation rate. Fixed and variable target graduation rates are calculated for LEAs and schools until 2019 when the target for all LEAs, schools and the state is 90%.
Percent Proficient - Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) Percent Proficient Statement: Due to the transition to the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) approved the California Department of Education’s waiver request to exclude the percent proficient results from AYP determinations. However, the ED is requiring the percent proficient results be displayed on the AYP reports. For a more thorough view of a school’s or district’s progress, please view: Local Control Funding Formula State Priorities Snapshot
Percent Proficient Rate: Schoolwide and Student Groups

Content AreaTarget
English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA)100.0%
Percent Proficient: Schoolwide and Student Groups

Student GroupsELA Valid ScoresELA Number At or Above ProficientELA Percent At or Above ProficientMath Valid ScoresMath Number At or Above ProficientMath Percent At or Above Proficient
Black or African American6----6----
American Indian or Alaska Native0----0----
Hispanic or Latino1056965.71064239.6
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander1----1----
Two or More Races171588.2171270.6
Socioeconomically Disadvantaged865564.0853642.4
English Learners2129.52000.0
Students with Disabilities18316.719210.5